RIB's and Sportsboats


With 2 Popular James Bond style speed boats with plenty of comfortable seating for up to 9 people, Cheetah and Aristocat provide a fast, stable and comfortable ride, perfect for a sightseeing trip through London, or a pre dinner ride on a warm summers evening.

We have a fleet of 3 Small RIB's, varying in length between 5.5m and 6.5m, with engines from 90hp to 130hp. Our RIB's are very stable whilst at rest and also underway making them the best choice if you are looking for a high speed transfer or RIB Ride through London



Max Capacity


9 Passengers


6 Passengers

White Minx

7 Passengers


7 Passengers


5 Passengers

Charter Rates

Charter Rates
Valid from 1st January 2013


0700 to 1900

1900 to 2359

£130.00 per hour
Min 3 Hrs. hire

£140.00 per hour
Min 3 Hrs. hire


0700 to 1900

1900 to 2359

£150.00 per hour
Min 4 Hrs. hire

£160.00 per hour
Min 4 Hrs. hire


Additional Hire Costs

Pier Charges

Between Midnight and 0700
£100 per hour

£25.00 per stop

Standby and Waiting time

Bank Holidays

50% of the Hourly Rate

Charged at Weekend Rate

Catering Charges

Catering Facilities are not available on this vessel
Therefore no corkage or catering fees will be charged